Wine Road of the Colli dei Longobardi

Wine Road of the Colli dei Longobardi

Wine Road of the Colli dei Longobardi

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Wine Road of the Colli dei Longobardi



The Road explores the area of the Province of Brescia. Starting from the main town it winds its way south-east, returning to Brescia by way of the wine-producing area to the north-east. From the Castle of Brescia on the Cidneo hill, on whose northern slope the vineyard of Pusterla is cultivated (the largest vineyard in an urban area), one proceeds
southward towards Flero, to then continue towards Capriano del Colle, Poncarale, Montirone, Castenedolo, Ciliverghe, Rezzato, Botticino and return to Brescia passing through the suburb ofSant’Eufemia.
The Wine Road of the Colli dei Longobardi offers the tourist a rich, multi-faceted itinerary that embraces wine-producing and craft activities, art and landscape, history and cultural traditions. Some of the museums worth visiting are:

– the Museum of Santa Giulia (the most important museum in the city of Brescia)
– the Marble Museum at Botticino (with interesting materials on the famous Botticino marble quarries)
– the Wine and Women’s Museum (Museo del Cavatappi e della Donna) at Ciliverghe di Mazzano.

  • Cantine 30% 30%
  • Agriturismi 7.14% 7.14%
  • Ristoranti 9.52% 9.52%
  • Produttori 16.67% 16.67%
  • Comuni 23.4% 23.4%
  • Hotel 11.9% 11.9%
  • Enti e Associazioni 2.4% 2.4%


Cured meats: Valeverde cured meats and salami.
Other specialities: Valeverde honey and vinegar made from honey.


Casonséi, Pasta con salmì, Tripe, Zuppa di mariconde, Stufato e polenta, Piccione ripieno, Capù sensa ale, Lumache “a sbrunsù”, Spiedo alla bresciana, Persicata, Bossolà, Biscotti bresciani, Strangolapreti.



Botticino DOC e Botticino DOC Riserva,
Capriano del Colle DOC Bianco/Rosso/ Rosso Riserva/Novello,
Montenetto di Brescia IGT,
Ronchi di Brescia IGT





BRESCIA: Festival of Saints Faustino  and Giovita’ (February). Patron saints’ festival with
an exhibition of typical products and open-air market.
Brescia con gusto (June). Gourmet itinerary through the city streets,
discovering the artistic heritage and typical flavours of the local territory.
Arrivano i Longobardi (June). Coach route along the Wine Road of the Colli
dei Longobardi.
BOTTICINO: Wandering around Botticino (last Sunday in May). Gourmet and cultural
walk along a circuit encompassing natural attractions and places of
historical interest, including tastings of local products.
Botticino DOC Event (September). Tasting of wine and typical cured meats and cheeses.
Cask race through the streets of Botticino.
CAPRIANO DEL COLLE: Grape Festival (third Sunday in September). Wine fair with wine tasting and floats.
CASTENEDOLO: Festival of the Patron Saint Bartholomew (August).Early Summer Festival (June). Late Summer Festival(September).
FLERO: Flero in salsa (July).
MONTICHIARI: San Pancrazio Fair – ‘Maggio Medioevale Monteclarense’ Medieval parade inside the
Bonoris Castle, through the squares and streets, with markets, traditional products and handicrafts.
MONTIRONE: Christmas Markets.
PONCARALE: Artisti in Rocca (first Sunday in July). Exhibition of paintings by local artists and tasting of typical products.
REZZATO: Baccquolina (Easter Monday). Tastings of local typical wines and foods, ranging from appetisers to grappa (exclusively from Rezzato producers).

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