Wine of the Valcalepio and Food of Bergamo Road

Wine of the Valcalepio and Food of Bergamo Road

Wine of the Valcalepio and Food of Bergamo Road

Wine of the Valcalepio and Food of Bergamo Road  

Valcalepio is a hilly area that lies in the western part of the Province of Bergamo, on the downriver right bank of the Oglio. However, in vine-growing terms, the Valcalepio comprisesa much larger area, starting from Lake Iseo and ending near Lake Como, a stretch of land extending for a length of 60 km, although never wider than 5-6 km.
It therefore takes in the last foothills of the Orobic Prealps and, from a geological point of view, it can be divided into two distinct areas on the basis of soil characteristics: from the hill belt east of Bergamo as far as Lake Iseo the soils are clayey and calcareous, while in the area northwest of Bergamo the soils are siliceous and clayey. The DOC wine of this area is made from grapes grown in vineyards covering 300 hectares at altitudes up to 600 m asl. The Wine and Food Road of the Valcalepio is made up of three different routes. The first itinerary, also known as I Conventi (the Road of the Convents), begins at the Capriate S. Gervasio exit on the A4 motorway and ends in Bergamo.

Along the way, visitors may admire the Abbey of Sant’Egidio at Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXIII, the Abbey of Pontida and the splendid Church of San Tomè at Almenno San Salvatore. The second itinerary, the Cuore della Valcalepio (Heart of the Valcalepio), starts in Bergamo and finishes in Grumello del Monte. This itinerary includes visits to the city of Bergamo, the Abbey of San Paolo D’Argon, the Oratory of Santa Barbara (inside Villa Suardi, at Trescore Balneatico), frescoed by Lorenzo Lotto, and several castles that belonged to the family of the condottiero Bartolomeo Colleoni. The third itinerary, called Il Lago (The Lake), unwinds from the Grumello del Monte exit on the A4 motorway towards Sarnico on Lake Iseo, returning back via a different route and taking in the fifteenth-century Castel de’ Conti at Castelli Calepio.

  • Cantine 43.4% 43.4%
  • Agriturismi 3.3% 3.3%
  • Ristoranti 6.7% 6.7%
  • Produttori 3.33% 3.33%
  • Comuni 13.33% 13.33%
  • Hotel 10% 10%
  • Enti e Associazioni 20% 20%


Cheeses: Gorgonzola DOP, Grana Padano DOP, Provolone Valpadana DOP, Quartirolo Lombardo DOP, Salva Cremasco DOP, Taleggio DOP, Branzi, Caprini della bergamasca, Formaggelle, Strachitunt.
Cured meats: Cotechino della bergamasca, Salame della bergamasca.
Other specialities: Olio Extravergine di Oliva Laghi Lombardi DOP, flour for polenta, Bergamo honey.


Casonsei della bergamasca, Scarpinocc di Parre, Polenta della bergamasca con brasato e coniglio, Noseicć, Oselì Scapacć, Polenta e Osei dolce, Torta Donizetti, Torta di Treviglio


Valcalepio DOC Rosso/Rosso Riserva/Bianco/
Moscato Passito, Bergamasca IGT, Moscato di Scanzo docg e Terre del Colleoni doc



BERGAMO: Emozioni dal Mondo: Merlot e Cabernet Insieme(October). International wine competition.
CASNIGO: Valcalepio Sotto le Stelle (September). Event focused on tradition, culture, music, history, singing,
wine and food.
THROUGHOUT THE BERGAMO AREA: Bere Bergamo (June). Tastings of wines from the Bergamo area.
Andar per vigne (on the third Sunday of September, October and November). Open house at wine-cellars during

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Wine of the Valcalepio and Food of Bergamo Road  


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