Food Road of the Valli Varesine

Food Road of the Valli Varesine

Food Road of the Valli Varesine

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The Food Road of the Valli Varesine covers the entire mountainous area of the province of Varese, including the Valceresio, Valcuvia, Valganna, Valmarchirolo and Valli del Luinese. The road is so rich in treasures that it is difficult to describe it in just a few sentences. The main highlights are the landscape and its natural assets, such as water, verdant green valleys and the backdrop of the snow-capped Alps, as well as a signifi­cant architectural heritage scattered amongst its towns and villages.

Sites to visit include the historical lake hamlets and their ports and docks (Laveno Mombello, Luino, Maccagno, Gavirate, Lavena Ponte Tresa, Porto Valtravaglia, etc.), the inhabited inland villages (for instance the painted village of Arcumeggia), fortifications (the Torre Imperiale at

Maccagno, the Rocca di Angera), the Campo dei Fiori park, the “Ca­dorna Line” fortifications, the production settlements that sprang up due to the presence of water (the Maglio (forge) at Ghirla, the Mulini di Piero (mills) at Curiglia), the series of aristocratic villas (Villa della Porta Bozzolo at Casalzuigno); the museums (Museo Internazionale Design

Ceramico at Laveno Mombello and the Museo Floriano Bodini at Gemo­nio); numerous sanctuaries, oratories and churches (the Parish church of Arcisate and the Abbey of San Gemolo). Visitors can follow the Road by bicycle along a cycle track and take the Sasso del Ferro cable car at Laveno to enjoy a splendid view of all the lakes in the province, and the

Monteviasco cable car to discover a picturesque village in the Val Veddasca. The three proposed routes combine this marvellous heritage with the territory’s equally interesting culinary and cultural assets, making a visit to the area truly unforgettable.


Formaggella del Luinese DOP, Miele varesino d’acacia, Salame prealpino, Salamini di capra, Violino di capra, Capretto da latte pesante, San Carlin, Caprino a coagulazione lattica, Formaggio misto, Ricotta


Pancotto, castagne con il latte, capretto pesante arrosto, polenta concia e polenta rustida, bollito,brasato di capra e di cinghiale, bruscitt (stufato di carne sminuzzata grossolanamente), stufato in concia, filetti di persico fritti e al burro, Brutti e Buoni (biscotti)


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VALLI DEL VERBANO: Corni e Pecc (beginning of June). Festival cele­brating agriculture, fore­stry and rural traditions, with a focus on the folk and culinary aspects of the Valli Varesine (

LUINO, LAVENO, MOMBELLO: MIPAM, Mostra Pro­dotti e Animali della Montagna (August). Show of barnyard animals, cattle, goats, horses, tasting of typical products, workshops and enter­tainment for children.

ARCISATE: Agricultural Show (July). Show market, tea­ching and demonstrative activities.

AGRA: Pumpkin Festival and Chestnutting (October).Gastronomic and craft stalls, chestnutting, ta­sting of pumpkin-based dishes.

CANTELLO: Asparagus Fair (May). “Asparagus menus”, shows and stalls run by local producers.

CUNARDO: International FolkloreFestival (July). Organised by the Tencitt folk group. Entertainment and food stalls.

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