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The apps are free to download! Experience augmented reality for all 12 Roads of Wines and Flavors of Lombardy


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Tradition and innovation go hand in hand: today Lombardy is the first Italian region to equip the Roads of Wines and Flavours of a tourist platform in Augmented Reality for smatphones and tablets: 12 interactive guides that accompany the visitor on a journey through the taste of typical food and wine products, connected with the tradition and culture of their native lands.
The traveler who travels through the Roads of Wines and Flavours of Lombardy can visit wineries, farms, farm houses, wine bars, taverns and structures that have high quality standards regarding their regional products. The proposed routes are therefore a mix of landscape resources, sites, monuments, palaces, churches and museums of popular culture, which together with good food and good drink will allow tourists to take home a piece of the land that they have visited.

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Now you can find your guide between:

  1. Road of Wine and Flavors of Valtellina
  2. Road of Flavours of the Valleys of Varese
  3. Road of Wine Valcalepio and Flavors of Bergamasca
  4. Road of Franciacorta Wine
  5. Road of Colli dei Longobardi Wine
  6. Road of Wines and Flavours of Garda
  7. Road of Mantuan Wines and Flavours
  8. Road of Mantuan Rice and Risotti
  9. Road of Mantuan Truffle
  10. Road of Taste of Cremona in the Land of Stradivari
  11. Road of San Colombano Wine and of Flavours of Lodi
  12. Road of Wine and Flavours of Oltrepò Pavese

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Strada dei Sapori delle Valli Varesine


Strada del Vino Valcalepio e dei Sapori della Bergamasca

Strada del Vino e dei Sapori della Valtellina


Strada del Vino Franciacorta


Strada del Vino e dei Sapori Longobardi




Strada del Tartufo Mantovano


Strada del Vini e dei Sapori del Garda


Strada del Vino San Colombano e dei Sapori Lodigiani


Strada dei Vini e Sapori Mantovani


Strada del gusto cremonese nella terra di Stradivari


Strada del Riso e dei Risotti Mantovani


Strada del Vino e dei Sapori dell’Oltrepò Pavese