Federation of Roads of Wines and Flavours of Lombardy

The Federation of Roads of Wines and Flavours of Lombardy

Lombardy is one of the first Italian regions that developed a concrete idea of Roads of Wines promoting the realization of the system Roads of Wines and Flavours of Lombardy. These are real itineraries of taste whose goal is the development and the promotion of high quality food and wine products, connected with the tradition and culture of their native lands. Through the creation of “paths of taste” it is possible to safeguard and promote the territory and the rural culture, in a logic of integrated and touristic development, that can also create new skills.

Currently the roads recognized by the Region are twelve, of which eight purely of wines, gathered in a regional Federation, established to standardize and improve the quality of the offer and to make adequate arrangements for the operator’s training.

Those who join the roads that make up the Federation are committed to maintaining, in addition to their specificity and their own characteristics, high quality standards regarding the production or the accommodation.

The traveler who travels through the roads of taste of Lombardy, specially marked by road signs that are uniform throughout the country, can visit wineries, farms, farm houses, wine bars, taverns and structures that have high quality standards regarding their regional products. The proposed routes are therefore a mix of landscape resources, sites, monuments, palaces, churches and museums of popular culture, which together with good food and good drink will allow tourists to take home a piece of the land that they have visited.


The members of the Assembly:

  1. Road of Wine and Flavors of Valtellina: Attilio Tartarini
  2. Road of Flavours of the Valleys of Varese: Angela Viola
  3. Wine of the Valcalepio and Food of Bergamo Road : Rota Enrico
  4. Road of Franciacorta Wine: Francesca Moretti
  5. Road of Colli dei Longobardi Wine: Luigi Bandera
  6. Road of Wines and Flavours of Garda: Giovanna Prandini
  7. Road of Mantuan Wines and Flavours: Gianni Boselli
  8. Road of Mantuan Rice and Risotti: Corradi Luciano
  9. Road of Taste of Cremona in the Land of Stradivari: being defined
  10. Road of San Colombano Wine and of Flavours of Lodi: Luigi Anelli
  11. Road of Wine and Flavours of Oltrepò Pavese: Roberto Lechiancole

Statute of the Federation of Roads of Wines and Flavours of Lombardy